Refinancing offers homeowners the opportunity to restructure their finances and take advantage of mortgage rates, real estate prices, interest rates and tax benefits.

Homeowners refinance their mortgage for a number of reasons including:

  • convert an adjustable rate (ARM) to a fixed rate
  • lower their interest rate
  • reduce the term of a mortgage
  • pull cash out for home improvements
  • consolidate tuition or medical expenses
  • consolidate debts such as credit cards or car loans

Michigan Financial Mortgage Company can help you access your needs and recommend the right mortgage option for you. Our Mortgage programs provide you with the best mortgage rates while offering comprehensive options and products with minimal costs.

Use our Mortgage Calculators to determine savings when refinancing to a lower interest rate and determine break even time to cover closing costs. Or view our FAQS to answer any questions you may have. Finally our Mortgage Glossary is a great tool to help you understand what a Mortgage is and define its many terms.


Home ownership is still the American Dream for many individuals and families today. Let Michigan Financial Mortgage Company make that dream become a reality.

When your looking to purchase a home, or simply get pre-approved, we offer:

  • fast and easy pre-approvals
  • no PMI loans
  • sellers concessions up to 6%
  • first time home buyer programs

Michigan Financial Mortgage Company will help you evaluate your needs and financial position then recommend the right mortgage loan for you. Our programs provide you with the best mortgage rates along with comprehensive options and products with minimal costs. When it comes to your pre-approval, or if your purchasing a home, let Michigan Financial Mortgage Company be your mortgage source.